BLUE Didn't Disappoint!

By Charo Morley

We are so delighted to have Tanicia Pratt’s first book of poetry, ‘BLUE: A Book of Poetry’, on the shelves at Black Food Bookstore and Culture Shop.

I cleared my schedule this week, the week of the book’s launch, to dig in. And Pratt’s book did not disappoint; it was a page turner.

BLUE took me back to my dorm room at Howard University circa 1997 when my friends and I shared books (now classics) about love, life and womanhood. Her writing is that elevated. Clean…never missing a target, a thought, a concept…yet full of vibes and flavor. 

Pratt packs a powerful punch from beginning to end. Her collection is well orchestrated thunder. Word for word, line for line she expertly tells her story “of love, heartbreak, and and the inescapable blue” with fierceness. She is a potent voice for her generation and a voice that older generations can appreciate. 

BLUE is a must read book for Summer 2022 and beyond. Pratt is unapologetic yet graceful in telling her truth. And it is this raw, beautiful truth that will pierce you and help move you along wherever you are on your life’s journey. 

I would have loved to share more about the book but I don't want to spoil your reading of it. We know that the future will be bright for this bold and talented writer. We wish her every success!

You can shop her book online here or in-store Tuesday - Saturday (10am - 5pm).


About the Book

Her first lyrical collection, Tanicia Pratt tells an autobiographical story of love, heartbreak and the inescapable blue. In a country where seas mirror skies, and the shore is never too far away, blue is the central hue modelling The Bahamas and its many complexities.

Each poem dives deeper and deeper as the poet unearths themes surrounding family, the body, trauma, and nationhood. BLUE is poetic jazz - edged and raw in its depictions of Caribbean culture - a soundtrack for women who dare to love (in) their country.

About the Author

Tanicia Pratt is a Bahamian poet, artist and performer hailing from Nassau, New Providence. Her work often reimagines the Anglo-Caribbean landscape through a feminist lens of history, culture, language and memory. 

 Thus far, Tanicia's writings have graced the publications of Bad Form, Decorating Dissidence, PREE, Lungs Project, Rewrite London, amongst others. In 2019, her debut artist book, I Dream Baby Not Fish, was collected by The National Poetry Library of England. She has performed for Write About Now, The Central Bank of The Bahamas Art Gallery, and The National Art Gallery of The Bahamas.

Tanicia is the proud alumni of The University of The Bahamas in (BA) Marketing. She is also a graduate of Royal Holloway, University of London with studies in (MA) Poetic Practice.


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