International Culture Day 2016

It was indeed a pleasure and honor to participate in the first annual International Culture Day festival hosted by the Qubtic Church of the Black Messiah on Saturday, June 25th on the historic Southern Recreational Grounds. A site where local and international leaders have been known to deliver fiery and noteworthy speeches to the masses. In fact, Marcus Garvey once delivered a speech to UNIA members on those grounds. That rich history and the ambience of that place...the huge trees that shade you from direct sunlight and the music the leaves make as they dance in the wind as community members walk to and fro. All that makes those grounds the ideal place for African people to gather. To laug

BlackFood Shop Booth at the 2016 Downtown Nassau Yoga Festival

The BlackFood Shop booth is always stocked and fully loaded with African inspired products. Take a look at what we have in stock at the moment. Clothing (tees and Ankara prints), jewelry, accessories and, of course, BOOKS! Thank you all for stopping by and chatting and also for purchasing our unique items. Stay connected and we hope to see you next Saturday, June 25th at the International Cultural Day festival on the Southern Recreational Grounds starting at 11am. #BlackFoodShop #AllThingsAfrican #BlackBooks #AnkaraPrints #SummerFestivals #BlackGirlMagic

Visit the BlackFood Shop Booth at the 2016 Downtown Nassau Yoga Festival

Don't miss this year's EMBRY VILLAGE & CULTURAL BAZAAR at the Downtown Yoga Festival! BlackFood Shop will be in Pompey Square this Saturday, June 18th starting at 9am with lots of African inspired "goodies". Please come out to shop, shop, shop and show your love for local entrepreneurs, artists, chefs, and creatives.

Curly Fest Bahamas 2016 Video Highlights

If you missed Curly Fest Bahamas 2016, check out this video for the highlights. It was an AMAZING day filled with beautyfull people - inside and out. Lots of positive vibes and #blackgirlmagic. Be sure to look out for the BlackFood Shop cameo in the video. And remember to check out the Fest next year!

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