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BlackFood Shop and our African Pop-Up Shop have been featured in The Tribune's "Weekend" supplement today. Grab a copy to learn more about our company's values and mission.. Thanks again to all of our customers for your continued support! .

What’s Emancipation Day to the Caribbean Working-class?

This article is taken from Telesur and was published 1 August 2016. While we don't agree with all the sentiments in the article, and note the incorrect reference to "Bay Fest" in The Bahamas, we feel it provides a comprehensive working class analysis of Emancipation Day and what it should mean for the oppressed. While it is great to commemorate Emancipation Day, this day must also be used to reflect, critique, assess, deliberate and plan for the next year of struggle. On 1 August 1838, enslaved Africans in the British Empire won their emancipation from slavery. Emancipation Day is now commemorated throughout the Anglophone Caribbean as a public holiday or national observance. Emancipation wa

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