One-Day Store-wide Sale!

Don't forget about the Black Food Bookstore & Culture Shop ONE-DAY SALE next Saturday, March 30th. All items on sale: books, clothing, accessories, cosmetics etc. Online purchases ( or cash on delivery sales only. Some items aren't posted so inbox us for pictures of items you are looking for if you don't find them on the website. . . #blackfoodshop #bahamas #allthingsfrican #nassau #ankara #africa#books #caribbean #sale #shopping #saturday #onedayonly #storewide#march30th #africanclothing #cosmetics #smallbusiness #buyblack

Buju is Still Buju!

Buju Banton's first concert in over 10 years took place last night in Kingston, Jamaica and it did not disappoint. The performance was electrifying and it was a joy to see so many other high calibre artistes take the stage with him. I stayed up until about 3am watching live feeds on social media and it was worth it. Buju's performance is what good music and artistry is all about. We've been missing this. After last night, I'm looking forward to March 30th when Buju performs in Nassau, Bahamas. I'll be sure to have an update for you on the Black Food Bookstore and Culture Shop blog. Below is a great recap of last night's concert.

African Fashion Week 2019

About two years ago I learned about Ankara Miami - a South Florida-based event planning company committed to “Redefining African Cultural Trends” - and I immediately decided that I would attend its African Fashion Week that’s held every February. As life would have it all sorts of things (distractions) popped up that prevented me from attending. But as me and my husband position ourselves to open the Black Food Bookstore & Culture Shop retail store this year I knew we had to make it a priority. So by summer of last year we came to the conclusion that we were headed to African Fashion Week 2019 come hell or high water and it was all I could talk about. Every day it was, “when I go to African

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