Feeling left out of the targeted audience for romance and life stories? Guys, this one is for you! 'Let's Hear It For The Boys!' is a collection of hand picked roses for every man who wants to feel special. It includes six previously published short stories: From A Man's Point Of View; The Pursuit Of Happiness; A Time To Mourn; Conversations With My Son....About Women; Dr. Feelgood; His Last Meal.


Do you believe that you will see your loved ones after you die? Can becoming a father change the course of a delinquent's life? What circumstances has to be in place for a man to be raped and would you admit to it if you were; what weight would that claim have in Bahamian courts? What does a man say to his young son regarding his selection process in finding a wife? How would you react if a beautiful, sexy stranger mistakes you for a blue color guy when you wear a starch white doctor's coat? Where do you go after you've taken what is meant to be your last meal?


This collection will make your girlfriend or wife sneak into your bookcase for a change, and you'll be proud to read it in public on the city bus or park bench, discuss it at the next men's meeting or business lunch, or take it to bed with you. When your significant other turns to her marked page in the latest Danielle Steel novel and distractedly says to you- "Not tonight, honey.", simply pull out your copy of 'Let's Hear It For The Boys!' and reply- "It's your loss, baby."Here's to going to bed completely satisfied!

Let's Hear It For The Boys!


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