Ten year old Ashanti is overweight and being bullied at school. She feels her life is falling apart when her parents separate. It becomes almost unbearable when her mother has to relocate with Ashanti and her sister to their grandmother’s house. Ashanti finds courage and strength with the help of her spunky, ‘don’t give me no attitude’ grandmother and the inspirational memories of her grandfather. Ashanti stands up to the bullies and demand that they respect her. She enters the school’s beauty contest, willing her song to touch the hearts of all present and her answer to the all important question of what she would do if she had one wish; to change lives. This is a coming-of-age story of hope, courage, and the will to beat the odds. At the end of one girl’s letter to a friend, generations will be inspired by a sparrow’s song.

The Sparrow's Song


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