Visit The BlackFood Shop Booth At This Year's Green Earth Festival (Postponed until April 2016)

The Green Earth Festival organizers here in Nassau, well aware of this successful trend in the health and wellness industry, created the annual festival in The Bahamas in 2010 to take advantage of the growing interest and provide support to those consumers searching for products and services to facilitate their wellness and green lifestyle. The festival is a dynamic, one stop shop and evolving marketplace where companies, individuals and organizations gather to showcase and promote the myriad of sustainable, natural, holistic, organic, healthy and green products and services that would result in a better environment and healthier lifestyle for Bahamians. Since 2010, the event has successfully brought together companies from across the spectrum; from healthcare service providers and food vendors, to green solutions for automotive and home care. Beauty, fashion, and art are all incorporated, and attendees benefit from several lecture series during the event. For festival-goers, it provides a unique opportunity for them to meet suppliers one-on-one, ask all the questions they may have, and learn a lot about eco-friendly and healthy living. This year’s theme: “Five Year’s Later… We’re Still Going Green” is the impetus to continue the campaign to increase the amount of Bahamians who will take the plunge to ditch unhealthy food and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle in an effort to live the way nature intended. With increased attendance each year, and the knowledge that this industry is bursting with opportunities, Rhonda Wright and her partner Aisha Nesut Ani are inspired to keep spearheading the event every year. “Since 2010, we have brought together some of the most innovative and consumer friendly companies, as well as intuitive and conscientious patrons and shoppers,” Rhonda said. Aisha assures that, “The goal is to continue offering brand new opportunities and experiences for consumers that want information and choices for a cleaner earth and healthier and more natural way of life.” Mrs. Wright touts the festivals' success in exposing its sponsors and exhibitors to Bahamian consumers who are both “green curious” and “green savvy”, making it a great vehicle for growing these kinds of businesses in The Bahamas. This way, Bahamians keep abreast of the health and wellness industry, while companies here get a scoop out of the trillion-dollar pie. “Our festival, which is a fun, family event, is complete with interactive forums, profound guest speakers, entertainment and prizes throughout the day,” Wright added. “This unique platform creates the opportunity for wellness and green brands to generate business to business, as well as business to consumer sales. GEF offers a venue where these companies can build on their brand awareness, as well as strengthen relationships in an ever evolving and expanding industry.” Ms. Nesut Ani added, “We’re very pleased with the positive response from the business community and fully expect to sell out the remaining sponsorship and exhibitor packages for this year’s event, which in turn makes for a great visitor experience.” This year’s event, now slated for April 2016, will capture the fresh sea breezes that lend themselves daily to historic Fort Charlotte. Interested sponsors or vendors should check out the Green Earth Festival Page on Facebook, or contact Mrs. Wright or Ms. Nesut Ani at

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