Emancipation Day: Never Forget!

For African people - the world's very first people - our history did not begin in chains. 400 years ago our natural progression and development as a people were interrupted at the hands of ruthless imperialists. As a result of our enslavement, the entire western world was born and has blossomed until this very day. 400 years of rape, murder and exploitation was the foundation for the development of capitalism; it was literally built on our backs. Make no mistake about it, though, from the first day of our enslavement we fought for our freedom. History has recorded numerous stories of resistance and rebellion. The Slavery Abolition Act of 1833 abolished slavery throughout the british empire and full emancipation was finally achieved on August 1st, 1838. Today in 2019, capitalism, which was born of slavery and colonialism, still exploits and oppresses African people worldwide. And so our struggle for a world that is just and truly free continues. Join the Revolution!

One Africa! One Nation!

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