Book Signing Event with Author Katisha Corneille: Wrap-Up + Photos

The week, and especially the day, before the Book Signing event with author Katisha Corneille was quite rainy and overcast. Even though weather reports said there would only be a 20% chance of rain on Saturday, October 3rd I was worried. However, Saturday came and the sun shined all day. In fact, yesterday was a perfect summer day for what turned out to be a wonderful event.

Katisha had the overwhelming support of her husband, family and friends. They filled Black Food Bookstore and Culture Shop from 11 am - 2 pm with their warmth, love and laughter. Everyone was so happy to see her fulfill her dreams and I could hear each of them offer some type of encouraging word to the new author and aspiring motivational speaker.

As Katisha signed books and took photos with her guests delicious cupcakes, baked by the author herself, were offered to all attendees and there was mango juice and warm coffee available as well. Live music played on the outside for persons waiting to the enter the store (because of Covid we had to limit the number of persons in the store) and I'm sure it added some joy to the wider community.

There was also an all-day contest for a beautiful necklace set made by Avid Bags & Accessories. Katisha placed a "golden ticket" inside one of the books and the person who randomly selected the book was gifted the necklace and earring set. After many tries throughout the day there was finally a lucky winner.

Additionally, the first twelve persons at the event received a free bookmark. It was truly a day filled with prizes, surprises and good-natured fun.

At Black Food Bookstore and Culture Shop we are pleased to partner with writers, like Katisha Corneille, and other creatives throughout The Bahamas. We hope that our store can be a space for the community to learn and grow collectively for years to come.

Katisha's new book is now available at Black Food Bookstore and Culture Shop. Stop by today for your copy.

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