Our BIG News!

We're so happy that we've been able to finally install a second bookcase at the store this week. The bookcase was supposed to be installed December of last year (2019!) but due to many unforeseeable and unexpected issues we had to delay the install. We were even forced to find a new company to do the construction for us. Over time, we eventually found a new company and we're so pleased with the outcome. The new bookcase is a replica of the original bookcase at the front of the store. We placed it at the rear of the store and, like I told a friend, it fits right in as if it was always there. Our space is filling out according to our plans and we have more surprises in store that we'll share in due course.

We moved our business from a strictly home-based/online model to vending at festivals, to doing quarterly pop-ups, to now a storefront that we're perfecting over time. Like they say: "Your progress won't always be graceful but it's still progress." And for everyone who's been asking for more products, please be patient with us. We are constantly working behind the scenes (in the middle of a pandemic) to meet our customers' demands. There will be more items on our website and in-store very soon and we'll be sure to update you.

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